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United States Congress

The Issues

Julia knows how deep CD 5's values run. As a born and raised resident of the district, Julia will always fight to protect our values and stand for all of Louisiana's 5th Congressional District.

100% ProLife.png


100% Pro-Life

Julia has been a devout Christian her entire life and will always fight for the unborn. 

Putting LA-05 Back to Work.png


Putting LA-05 Back To Work

Julia will help create and bring jobs to our district. That includes opposing any increase to minimum wage.

Julia 2nd Amendment


Protecting the 2nd Amendment

Julia is a staunch defender of our constitutional right to bear arms.

Supporting Our Farmers, Loggers, & Ranch


Supporting Farmers, Loggers, & Ranchers

Julia will continue to promote and support our Agriculture and Logging industries.

Standing Up for Oil & Gas.png


Standing Up For Oil and Gas

Louisiana is built on the Oil and Gas Industry. Julia will always fight to make sure we support and protect our Oil and Gas Industry.

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Supporting Our Veterans, Service Members, Law Enforcement, & First Responders

Julia will always support the men and women who protect our country at home and abroad.

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Rebuilding Our Infrastructure

Julia will work to ensure we get vital funding for our declining infrastructure, and to expand rural internet access.

Julia Supporting Education


Supporting Education

From Early Childhood Education to Higher Ed, Julia believes education is a catalyst to elevate the district out of poverty. 

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Protecting Election Integrity

Julia will always fight to ensure we have secure and safe elections.



Protecting the 1st Amendment

Julia will always defend our constitutional right to freedom of speech, press, and assembly.

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Focus on Rural Development

Julia will be a strong advocate for our rural communities and fight to preserve our way of life.

Supporting Seniors Julia Letlow


Supporting Our Seniors

Seniors are the greatest generation who paved the way for us, and we need to ensure they receive the best care in the world.

Julia Letlow Supporting Teachers


Support Our Teachers & Public Employees

Julia will work to end the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) which unfairly penalizes retirees' Social Security benefits.

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